Kakatiya is equipped with all modern days infrastructure that compliments the noble aim of its foundation.The ultra-modern campus comes with smart classrooms and an elegant design that speaks for itself.

Our architects have gone out of their way to ensure that the building suite the needs of young minds, drawing on years of research to create an environment most conducive for over-all growth.

Our range of facilities, detailed separately, match global standards in education.

We are committed to instilling the concept of sustain-ability in our students and staff.Our building too is designed so as to promote students to think green. The vibrant designs and colours inspire students to open their minds to the omnipresent possibilities and opportunities in life.

The school also maintains a substantial portion of its campus as green areas, also providing children the opportunity to experience the magnificence of the vast varieties of plants, flowers and trees.

In addition, the school environs promote a "learning through nature experience" approach as students are encouraged to observe and appreciate greenery and natural environment.