CHAIRPERSON (DWPS-Jamshedpur) CHAIRPERSON(VGPT) Delegate of Congress Working Committee and Socialist

As the Chairperson of Delhi World Public School Jamshedpur, I feel elated to have a few words with you that in the fast changing times, we have to stand the competition in the global market.

Knowledge as power was never so presiding a passion for making self and possession as it has become. So today, in whatever age we may live, the ultimate objective of education is to understand life in its full length.Today people have not simply to live but to live well and in dignified way and herein lies the responsibility of Delhi World Public School Foundation I am happy that our school is responsible enough to install/inculcate multicolored qualities in students so that they may compete intellectually, spiritually and globally with others at large in life.



Our school aims at the holistic development of learners and it strives for the attainment of academic excellent coupled with social professional skills and moral values.

The mission and vision of our institution is the realization of high ideas and morals in their private or public life.I invite all the gentry of the society to be a part of this cosmopolitan vision.