DELHI WORLD PUBLIC SCHOOL JAMSHEDPUR under the aegis of DELHI WORLD FOUNDATION, is initiated under Viswa Gyan Punj Trust.The trust was founded on 6th November 2001 by Honorable Late Shri Dhanraj Singh, a socialist, a philanthropist, a visionary and an educationist par excellence who had a vision to take the learning beyond the walls of the classroom.

He was a veteran Indian politician and was elected to the Lok Sabha , the lower house of the Parliament of India from Munger in Bihar as a member of the Jatna Dal. He has coined the adage and justified "He, who opens a school door, closes the prison". He has set up esteem milestones in the field of education by laying the foundation of a chain of educational institutions such as-



(01 Jan 1943- 12 Oct 2017)
  • Dev Sundri Memorial College in Jhajha, Bihar,
  • Rajmani Singh Maha Vidyalaya in Girdhor,Bihar,
  • Dhanraj Singh Maha Vidyalaya in Shekhpura,Bihar and
  • Dhanraj Singh Higher Secondary School in Singari Tar,Jamui,Bihar.

Besides he was the president of Shyama Singh Mahila College, Jamui, Bihar and the life time member of Tilka Manjhi University, Bhagalpur.It would be premature to scale the heights of his achievements.He still lives in every heart and mind of the people and will always remain in sweet and fond memories of those who are associated with his mission and vision.